Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Lift a Old school

Depending on what size rims you are wanting to go with. If you just are putting 24s on a old school all you need is 5in lift cups no cut no rub with 305/30/24 tire. The cups fit right under the spring in the back and on top of the spring in the front. If you are wanting 26 rims you would need the cups and lift shocks and some cars would need springs. I sell the cups $100 shipped. Now if you go and bigger you will need control arms and trailing arms. Email,

Lifting Imapla for 24's or 26's

The easiest way to lift a new body impala is get the strut extended at least three inches. Many local custom shops will do this for you but some charged it wll cost between 500 to 800 dollars, but you will not have to worry about the tire hitting the strut. The shop will do all the cutting but if you try to do it your self it is not that hard all you need is basic tools and a strut spring compressor. You can call robert at Smith Metal Works 1-706-888-7402 and he can make you a set he did mine and i put them on myself. I have 26in rims with the 275/25/26 tire no rub with these struts. I had to cut a little on the body but not that much. I had to take about everything out of the finder so i could turn. If you have a system in the trunk you will probley need a little more lift so you can get spring spacer the adjustable ones they work great. This set up will would with 24s also with the 255/30/24 tire. thats what i used to have. look good. I did all the installing and cutting. Most new body cars are the same but some have just springs in the back and then you would just have to get the struts in the front lifted and just get bigger springs for the back.